Saturday, April 30, 2016

Endgame by Frank Brady

I began reading this book with the expectation of learning many new things about Bobby Fischer. And I DID learn many new tidbits of information about the mystery of Bobby Fischer. I was unaware of much of his younger days in chess.
Before I read the book I was in the wrongful impression that Bobby Fischer didn't participate in many tournaments or clubs or gaming sessions. I was thinking that he had coaches and had just studied the game from all those publications that he always pursued.

It is amazing how he jumped to the forefront of the competitive chess world. The book covered the transition from local chess player to known phenomenon quite well. But alot more tournament details, in my opinion, would have helped. Also, the later years after his winning the World Title seem to be somewhat empty. Locations and travel are mentioned. But what is it that led to the man spewing and fomenting his hatred? I am wondering why didn't the United States more actively back Bobby and other American chess players during the cold war?
It was interesting to see that Bobby had been doing everything he normally does to even strain his relations in Iceland. That country sure was nice to take him in.

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