Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Game Of Kings

I just finished another book about chess. The book was called Game Of Kings by Michael Weinreb.
Was interesting to see the writings about people like Jennifer Shahade, Elizabeth Vicary, Bruce Pandolfini, and Josh Waitzkin. At one point the author quoted Bruce as saying that if Bobby Fischer had stayed around after winning the World Championship match with Spassky that American chess would be completely different. Also that possibly every American would know how to play chess. Do you think that the American people would have supported Bobby more if he had stuck around to play more? Would the American Government have STARTED to support him if he would have stuck around? I am not sure about that, myself. That was also an interesting subject of Waitzkin and his experience of extreme sadness while playing at the highest levels of chess competition. Is there something to be learned from that? Of course. We all need to realize that there is other things besides chess.

It was fun to follow Sal and Alex and the whole team through their trials and tribulations of the team tournaments and all the travel. They sure had alot of fun playing poker and cards. Hehehe.
One of them managed to learn to play chess well but never managed to do their school work, which is a shame. Overall I thought the book was a decent read.

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