Sunday, July 19, 2009

What is a Barbican?

"What is a barbican?", you may ask. At some point in the history of castle making, it was decided to add an entry area that was on the outside of the castle for more security. That little area, or not so little in some cases, was called a barbican. Some time in the 14th or 15th century these protrusions from castles became obsolete due to improvements in castle warfare. I have named my blog using that word for several reasons. The most prominent being that most of what I say or think of chess can probably be obsoleted fairly easily! Lol.


  1. A dutch barbican which survived the 80 year war with the spanish.

  2. Wow! A neat version of a barbican! Send more! I wonder what the strangest one was, and where.

  3. Not realy a barbican but the closest thing i could find during our vacation in Domburg (Dutch coast).
    1.jpg) Walls of the oldest sea fort of western europe called "fort rammekens" Build in 1547 for tactical purposes regarding the trading route to Antwerp (Belgium).
    2.jpg) Fort rammekens gate with guard.
    3.jpg) Inside of the fort.
    4.jpg) Some german bunkers from the second world war.
    Cya! maybe next time some real barbicans.